Subs & Baguettes



French Sub
Our sub rolls are ideal for traditional deli sandwiches.  Adding a subtle flavor and holding strong underneath any topping. We have also known our customers to use the sub rolls for garlic bread. Just lather with butter, freshly chopped garlic, a sprinkle of salt and maybe even some freshly grated parmesan to top it all off. 
Pop it in the oven and you have an aromatic delicious side to your meal.

   BaguetteThe baguette’s history traces back to mid-19th century Vienna, when steam ovens were first introduced to bake bread with a crisp crust and white crumb-like flesh. So versatile, our baguette, French for “stick,” is ideal for bruschetta, dipping or serving with soup, salads, pate, cheese, jam or butter.

Dutch Crunch

Dutch Crunch
Dutch crunch, also known as tigers bread because of the tiger like markings on the crust of the bread, originated in the Netherlands.  It first became popular in the United States in the San Francisco area, where it took on the nickname of Dutch crunch. It has crunchy exterior and a soft full interior.
  A great way to set your  sandwiches apart.

Super Sub                                                                                           
Super Sub 
Our super sub rolls are in high demand!  Used for garlic bread, extra large subs or whatever you wish, this lightly flavored, soft, sturdy loaf is sure to please.

Hoagies (6 inch)  

Edna’s hoagie rolls are a delight to the palate with a
subtle French flavor and soft, golden topped crust. Extremely versatile our hoagie rolls go very well with just about anything you want to put on them- roast beef, turkey, char-broiled Italian sausage, BLT, BBQ beef, pulled pork, or ham and cheese.

Steak Rolls (8 inch)

Steak Rolls (8 inch)

Steak Rolls
Our Steak Rolls are a larger alternative to our Hoagie rolls and just as delightful with their subtle French flavor and soft, golden top crust.  Edna’s is commited to providing the best of the best and these rolls will not disappoint!

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